The NEW Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 2 trailer

This trailer is EPIC! Now can’t wait to see it. Are YOU excited?

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The #OurBrunei Hashtag. #Brunei

If you’re reading this then you probably have twitter & you would be aware of the system of hashtags used on Twitter if you’re not, then google it.

Mr @BruneiTweet is celebrating the 1st anniversary of (a site u MUST visit) by making #OurBrunei  a GLOBAL trending topic. This would be happening TOMORROW the 19th of June from 8pm to 8:30pm. This is where everybody should tweet as much positive tweets as possible, like” #OurBrunei has unexpected treasures, yet there is very little pirates around” or “#OurBrunei despite it’s close resemblance in spelling with Burundi, it is not in Africa” so please Brunei send out as much tweets as you can (or as much as Twitter permits lol) The trick here is that if you have a PROTECTED account be sure to make it unprotected just for half an hour (Rejoice! Stalkers!) Read more here

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What is Empire Avenue? #Brunei

Verification code

If you ask me what the Verification code is for, it’s for Empire Avenue where I need it to verify that this blog is authentic and originally written by your’s truly!

Empire Avenue, a stock market simulation social network game was introduced to me by Mr @BruneiTweet via mention on twitter & boy am I pulled into it!

EA is practically a game that allows the user to buy & sell shares on people and also websites. Shares are controlled by stock buying and also the social activity of the user as well. It took me awhile to get a hang of this hahaha. You can also self-advertise one’s self, promoting & encouraging shareholders to buy shares.

EA, designed to drive social media could possibly be the new in thing. So far prominent members of the #Brunei tweetsphere are on it, so what are you all waiting for? Join & Invest! Invest! Invest!

BruneianKidSays on Empire Avenue




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#Brunei engulfed in the #BieberFever ?

With the recent premiere of  Bieber’s 3D movie Never Say Never, Brunei has been facing an epidemic far bigger than what we’ve handled before. It’s the so called… *Drum Rolls* Bieber fever.

Justin Bieber now an internationally known pop icon used to be your average joe living in Ontario, Canada. The only thing differentiating him was his voice which was something to be reckoned with I must say! His multitudes of abilities to perform and sing proved to be his ticket to success. Having found recognition and fame through YouTube, a star was found!

No wonder girls go hysterical over him especially in Brunei (seen through the flooding of “Justin Bieber come to Brunei” of the hashtag #Brunei on Twitter). This hysteria started with Bieber having his concert today in Singapore and in KL, Malaysia on Thursday as a part of his world tour. (Making Bruneians petition for Bieber to come to Brunei as it is only 2 hours away LOL)

The 17-year old now boasts a platinum selling album and a trait that he sold out Madison Garden Square in 22minutes (Taylor Swift with 60seconds LOL). Even his movie Never Say Never is now the 3rd highest grossing documentary gaining over $95M in revenue.

Although some sees this new phenomenon as a breath of fresh air to the pop music industry some sees him as a kid who struck gold earlier in life and will follow the footsteps of “self-destruction” himself, similar to what happened to Britney.

After time plays its part, would he just remain to be a ‘child star’ and fade away or develop his skills and become similar to the likes of Micheal Jackson?

Nevertheless I still think he’s a gifted singer no matter what the future lies for him. There’s just something about him…

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I Stalk your Profile (Cover) #Brunei

After watching Jazz Hayat’s I Stalk Your Profile i stumbled upon a cover of his song.

What a voice! Hope you guys like it.

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France Unveiled?

Recently, France a country who’s motto Liberté, Égalité, Fraternitéemphasizes liberty, equality and fraternity decreed a law that bans face veils in public.

Obviously, the ban is dedicated to Muslim women. Often perceived in the Western world as women who are usually clad in long robes and a face veil (Burqa) that covers the entire body.

Sarkozy justifies the ban by stating that “The burka doesn’t pose a religious question but one of freedom. The burka enslaves women, makes them prisoners and deprives them of any social life. There is no place for the burka within the French Republic.”

If i wasn’t mistaken, a ROLE of a President especially in a country like France is to act as a UNIFYING force rather than a DIVISIVE one! Being a President of a country with over 6 million Muslims (largest in Europe), with a rising issue of Islamophobia, this is one of his worse decision yet.

This law in my view, denies a women the right to choose what to wear and also infringes and alienates their rights in society and is also a direct rejection of Islam in France.

For a country promoting liberty and equality, this has got to be one of the most illiberal and unnecessary law passed in recent years.

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What is Shisha?

It is common knowledge that Shisha is a fun company to be with, a nice way to hang with friends i must say. I myself am a shisha fan, with it many arrays of flavours from apple mint to watermelon to double mint, mhmm!

Although amidst the sound of bubbling water, do you know what enters your lungs when you hose down a pipe of its smoke? a single session is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes!

Shisha, also known as Hookah was infact originated from Turkey and not Saudi where most people would have guessed.

A ShishaInside the aluminium ‘cup’ holds tobacco and shavings of fruits that’s why you have different kinds of flavours to choose from.

Some would say the base that contains is used as a filter to get rid of the chemicals and nicotines it is only a gimmick! Most chemical based substances in the shisha are not water soluble.

Although smoking Shisha might not be healthy, so is cigarettes and sugar. My only advice to those shishaholics would be to just cut down taking in shisha.

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