Things i still don’t get..

Stereotypes. The simplest term i could put this mind provoking thought into.

In Brunei, amidst the diversities of cultures and different backgrounds; why oh why do we still judge people by their appearances?

Yes, i have stated jokes about shufflers, poklens etc but it was just for the sake of having fun. To some, it might show that i have bad will against these groups of people, but i do not. I respect everything created by God.

Things need to change, why judge a book by its cover when you don’t even have the faintest idea on what the book contains? The idea on how these shufflers or poklens are some sort of nuisance are preposterous, what have they done to you that makes them unwanted? Some would say, they are weird by having madeup names, different kinds of attires, different set of beliefs. But i say let them be, the funny thing is these people who criticizes  with their closeminded views should really look at themselves in the mirror. If their interest are to dress up in thatkindofaway let them, for they themselves are aware of how their appearences are, as long as they are comfortable with it, i’m down with that.

On the other hand, there are issues on this as well. Wearing skimpy attires, hanging out till dawn, ikut-ikut kawan etc. This responsibility should be held by their parents, try teaching your children at a young age, know who their friends are and get to know them and also not to be too strict on them as they will just try rebel thus teenagers having the trait of knowing how to sneak out or what we call jadi ninja.

I am but a humanbeing, and this is what i think, be more accepting for this is the 21st century. In order to evolve, things needs to change.

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” – Andy Warhol.


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5 Responses to Things i still don’t get..

  1. Alex says:

    So you are saying making jokes about these ‘poklens’ and ‘shufflers’ are not a stereotypical issue? I disagree, I strongly think these stereotypes have stemmed from these jokes. I think if you would want to change the outlook of other people towards society as we know it, we’ve got to change ourselves first.

    • Yes you’re right. These jokes’s foundations are based upon stereotypes but what i am delivering is that people tend to over exaggerate these stereotypes! Stereotypes i must say are already planted in many minds, there is no one out there who doesn’t stereotype others. Everyone has their flaws, no one is perfect, i have my flaws and i try my best to overcome them.

  2. I think we’ve evolved too much but lagging behind in what the world actually needs. As a matter of fact, we don’t need evolution. We need a revolution instead.

    Here’s a video of what I mean:

    • A revolution might not be the right word to use, but maybe a social change. A mixture of old and new thinking! A new social dillema to think outside the box, rather than looking at things at face value. 🙂

  3. KimDracula says:

    The reason why people like that are being stereotyped is because they do all the stereotypical things that everyone expected them to do. Sometimes judging a book by it’s cover is not such a bad idea. What the stereotypes need to do is break the rules. But I agree on the part where we should really leave them alone, more power to the poklens, shufflers and all you stereotypes out there! And I totally disagree on changing who you are, what you need to do is refine yourself. We don’t need another evolution or a revolution, we just need a new pair brains..

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