Do Bruneians prefer exercising outdoors or indoors?

I have just tweeted  “Do you prefer exercising indoors or outdoors?”

In retrospect, exercising indoors is like going to the gym or just working out in the vicinity of your house.  While exercising outdoors is exercising that includes more contact with nature.

The ‘survey’ (although limited to only a handful of perspectives) showed that many preferred exercising indoors with many reasons entailing it such as not being comfortable jogging in public areas. Other professed that they preferred indoors as the like lifting weights (usually located indoors) and some expressed that their favourite sports usually were played indoors (such as badminton). Many also loves to indulge in spinning classes and aerobics which usually would be indoors. ‘Dancing’ a now more sweat induced hobby were also one of the reason why people preferred exercising indoors.

On the other hand, those who preferred exercising outdoors indicated their reasons, such as hiking which most certainly includes nature. Some preferred outdoors as they like playing football or going swimming and not to be forgotten golf enthusiasts. Some just like jogging outdoors in places like Tasek Lama or around the Stadium.

According to research, exercising outdoors is more preferable as there is better visual simulation. This makes exercising far more exciting in a way. It also makes us feel more alive and also reduces stress.

In a personal view, being a tasek runner / enthusiast I prefer exercising outdoors rather than indoors like in gymnasiums. This is due to it being free and also environmentally friendly, it also is a great place to meet and make friends (although if you say hello to locals they tend to ignore you). I just prefer an open air, a natural knitted area rather than a stuffy old gymnasium (no pun intended to local gyms)



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