What is Shisha?

It is common knowledge that Shisha is a fun company to be with, a nice way to hang with friends i must say. I myself am a shisha fan, with it many arrays of flavours from apple mint to watermelon to double mint, mhmm!

Although amidst the sound of bubbling water, do you know what enters your lungs when you hose down a pipe of its smoke? a single session is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes!

Shisha, also known as Hookah was infact originated from Turkey and not Saudi where most people would have guessed.

A ShishaInside the aluminium ‘cup’ holds tobacco and shavings of fruits that’s why you have different kinds of flavours to choose from.

Some would say the base that contains is used as a filter to get rid of the chemicals and nicotines it is only a gimmick! Most chemical based substances in the shisha are not water soluble.

Although smoking Shisha might not be healthy, so is cigarettes and sugar. My only advice to those shishaholics would be to just cut down taking in shisha.


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