France Unveiled?

Recently, France a country who’s motto Liberté, Égalité, Fraternitéemphasizes liberty, equality and fraternity decreed a law that bans face veils in public.

Obviously, the ban is dedicated to Muslim women. Often perceived in the Western world as women who are usually clad in long robes and a face veil (Burqa) that covers the entire body.

Sarkozy justifies the ban by stating that “The burka doesn’t pose a religious question but one of freedom. The burka enslaves women, makes them prisoners and deprives them of any social life. There is no place for the burka within the French Republic.”

If i wasn’t mistaken, a ROLE of a President especially in a country like France is to act as a UNIFYING force rather than a DIVISIVE one! Being a President of a country with over 6 million Muslims (largest in Europe), with a rising issue of Islamophobia, this is one of his worse decision yet.

This law in my view, denies a women the right to choose what to wear and also infringes and alienates their rights in society and is also a direct rejection of Islam in France.

For a country promoting liberty and equality, this has got to be one of the most illiberal and unnecessary law passed in recent years.


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