#Brunei engulfed in the #BieberFever ?

With the recent premiere of  Bieber’s 3D movie Never Say Never, Brunei has been facing an epidemic far bigger than what we’ve handled before. It’s the so called… *Drum Rolls* Bieber fever.

Justin Bieber now an internationally known pop icon used to be your average joe living in Ontario, Canada. The only thing differentiating him was his voice which was something to be reckoned with I must say! His multitudes of abilities to perform and sing proved to be his ticket to success. Having found recognition and fame through YouTube, a star was found!

No wonder girls go hysterical over him especially in Brunei (seen through the flooding of “Justin Bieber come to Brunei” of the hashtag #Brunei on Twitter). This hysteria started with Bieber having his concert today in Singapore and in KL, Malaysia on Thursday as a part of his world tour. (Making Bruneians petition for Bieber to come to Brunei as it is only 2 hours away LOL)

The 17-year old now boasts a platinum selling album and a trait that he sold out Madison Garden Square in 22minutes (Taylor Swift with 60seconds LOL). Even his movie Never Say Never is now the 3rd highest grossing documentary gaining over $95M in revenue.

Although some sees this new phenomenon as a breath of fresh air to the pop music industry some sees him as a kid who struck gold earlier in life and will follow the footsteps of “self-destruction” himself, similar to what happened to Britney.

After time plays its part, would he just remain to be a ‘child star’ and fade away or develop his skills and become similar to the likes of Micheal Jackson?

Nevertheless I still think he’s a gifted singer no matter what the future lies for him. There’s just something about him…


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